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Coffee Times March 2016

Coffee Times March 2016

There is a trend among this new generation of roasters to emphasize lighter roasts. Dark roasted coffeCuping 1e is sometimes hard to find at these hipster roasting sites.

We conducted an experiment in this ‘light roasting” phenomena a few weeks ago at our roastery in Vero Beach. Cameron Hueneke, who we are training as our new roaster, took out samples of our Colombian coffee at 415 degrees Fahrenheit, 420F, 425F, 430F, 435F, and 440 degrees. Then our Rio Coco Café staff sampled each roast, which were unmarked and randomly arranged. Amazingly, our consensus for the most flavorful roast was cup #2, followed by cup #5. When we lifted them up to see the     temperature on the bottom, I was not surprised to see that we all picked the beans dropped at 430 degrees and 435 degrees.

This is the target temperature for our Mile High Colombia coffee — 430-435 degrees. We all agreed that the lighter roasted coffee did not have the depth or quality of flavor of our medium roast. We also agreed that the 440 degree darker roast started to lose some of the cherry and nutty tones that we all love in the Colombia Mile High.Cuppng 2

We began roasting coffee in 2007, and we had a famous roaster from Raleigh named Larry Larson who was our guru and taught us the “slow roasting” process. Since then we have experimented with each of our coffee to see what “drop” temperature works best. As a result, we have a light and dark roast Honduran Blue Mountain, because we like the bright lemon peppery tones of the light roast, and the deep chocolate tones of the dark roast. It’s the same with the coffee from Nicaragua. Light roasted brings out a sweet orange tone, and dark roasted has a prominent milk chocolate note.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is world famous for its light roasted flora, fruity, spicy tones, but we discovered a sweet mocha tone that appears at bout 435 degrees. That’s why we have a light and dark roast Ethiopian!

We appreciate any feedback. Please comment at our email address below. Enjoy all of the light and dark roasted coffees!

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Did you know that you can join our coffee club and receive a monthly or bi-monthly or quarterly shipment of coffee at a discounted price? Did you know that you can modify or cancel your subscription at any time?

Did you know that we will send you a free thermal to-go coffee cup for just signing up?

We have been shipping monthly orders to many of our friends from North Carolina to Hawaii and points in between since 2008. So if you are interested in “Automatic Coffee” please call Mikaela at 772.226.5760 and she will set you up. She is shown here during a painting day at the café on Utila with one of our regular patrons.


Rio Coco Beans P.O. Box 2151 Vero Beach FL 32961 tel 772.226.5760   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is Special About Blue Mountain Coffee?

Honduras is a country known for its mountains. The name literally means "depths" and could refer to the deep waters surrounding the country or the deep valleys which run throughout the country because of the numerous mountain ranges.

One of the prime coffee growing regions in the country is centered around the city of Siguetepeque, located on a high plateau not too far from the Caribbean coast. One of the farms in this area is called "Cerro Azul" or "Blue Mountain" in English.  The name probably comes from the blue tone of the mountains which is very evident during sunrise and sunset.

We have spent time at the Cerro Azul farm, and helped in the coffee picking and production. Its all hand picked, and only when the cherries are ripe and red. We believe that this give a natural sweetness to the beans, when it is surrounded by sweet fruit pulp. It make a difference!

The Cerro Azul farm is above 1500 meters in altitude, which means that the temperatures drop enough at night to create more proteins and fats in the bean. These translatee into rich flavors when roasted properly. The Cerro Azul crop is classfied as "SHG" which means "Strictly High Grown".

High altitude coffee hand picked and slowly roasted! This is the recipe for an excellent word class coffee!

We roast the Blue Mountain coffee two ways: Light roasted it has a sweet orange tone with a distinct pepper accent. It is a sweet coffee!  When we leave it in the roaster for another 3 minutes, the orange tones dissapates to be replaced by a deep chocolate tone.

We love the Honduras Blue Mountain Coffee, and it has become our most often ordered coffee!

Does a French Press make the BEST cup of coffee?

What is the big deal with french pressing coffee, is it really that much better than my trusty ole' drip coffee maker? The short answer; Yes & No!

We know what your thinking, yes and no ... come on, what kind of answer is that? Let's start with the yes part of that answer. Here is a list of reason why French Pressing your coffee will give you the best tasting cup of coffee you ever had.

Why Yes:

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